Power supply and automated control system (ACS)

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    Constant power supply is required to maintain proper household conditions and to ensure office and production facility proper operation. Also, there are several organizations, in particular, medical and educational institutions etc., where power supply shutdown may lead to negative consequences.

    Proper operation and regular technical and service maintenance are required to ensure proper condition of power supply systems. Maintenance services helps to solve safety issues related to electrical network plants, to reduce electricity consumption and to make energy consumption more optimal.

    USM Astana provides its customers with power supply system related services of high quality in accordance with Kazakhstani regulations (safety rules for operation of electrical plants, rules for setting up electrical plants, fire safety rules, rules for technical operation of electrical plants for consumers and others), regulations for maintenance of power supply systems and customer’s schedule for electrical equipment services provision. 

    Power supply networks are defined as a complex utilities system consisting of various elements, including

    •  Lighting equipment,
    • Uninterruptible power systems,
    • Continuous power supply,
    • Protection earth,
    • Electrical distribution panel,
    • Power generators,
    • Automatic control systems,
    • Other functional elements.

    Maintenance of such equipment set in proper condition requires qualified professionals providing services to maintain power supply systems and to operate the latest technologies.

    Our company maintains:

    - Power supply and lighting systems, including with automatic control;

    - Power electrical circuits and electric lighting circuits;

    - Electrical heating units;  

    - Electrical boards and safety switching equipment;

    - Devices to balance power supply;

    Building structures management by USM Astana covers maintenance of power supply systems and a range of other services that allow solving various problems. For example, we can eliminate system damage to ensure its smooth operation, to elaborate protection mechanisms in case of any accidents and to enhance efficient use of the system’s energy resources.

    Our services:

    - Preventive maintenance;

    - Maintenance of power supply networks in accordance with the regulations;

    - Modernization of power supply systems, dismantlement of older networks;

    - Commissioning works;

    - Information and technical support of customers with regard to electrical engineering.


    Preventive maintenance

    Employees of USM Astana are highly effective in planning of preventive maintenance, which allows assessing condition of the power supply system and diagnosing problems timely. These activities include inspection of equipment, cleaning of power supply system elements, verification and control activities:

    - Earthing devices;

    - Condition of electrical network contacts, circuit breakers, and cable endings;

    - Distribution equipment according to general loads;

    - Serviceability of contact and fastening connections, locks and door seals;

    - Condition of shield, electrical measuring instruments and signal armature;

    - Degrees of heating equipment;

    - Availability of marking, fencing and warning posters.


    Power supply system maintenance

    Maintenance of electrical facilities is most difficult, time-consuming and important part of the utilities system maintenance. Properly provided service contributes to operation of the power supply network and its smooth operation, continuous power supply to facilities from central sources, ensuring housing, labor and general production safety.

    Maintenance of power supply system include following activities:

    - Electrical wiring troubleshooting;

    - Repair or replacement of failed components (bulbs, sockets, switches, protection devices, lighting fixtures);

    - 24-hour control over electrical equipment operation;

    - Assessment of the power supply system performance, conducting network performance tests;

    - Urgent elimination of emergency, emergency repairs;

    - System electrical safety testing;

    - Repair of starting and switching equipment;

    - Troubleshooting of the automation and remote control of the power supply system;

    - Operation records keeping;

    - Submission of monthly reports on performed activities;

    - Monitoring of electrical network condition;

    - Inspection, monitoring of measuring and switching devices;

    - Keeping a register, safety regulations activities;

    - Operation of transformers and keeping engineering room clean;

    - Timely maintenance of electrical equipment according to the Preventive maintenance schedule;

    - Shift inspection by electricians-locksmiths to repair electrical equipment.

    The activities are performed with approval of required documents at each stage.

    You have an opportunity to contact the USM Astana employees for emergency and one-time activities, to enter into contract to perform complex maintenance of systems. 

    The USM Astana staff members have extensive experience and high qualification in the field of organization and maintenance of the electric facilities in compliance with requirements of the Rules for installation of electrical devices, Rules for technical operation of consumers electrical devices and any other standards and technical documentation according to the profile.

    Our reputation and vast experience is proven by following major projects completed (projects of Nazarbayev University and its subsidiaries, clinics of the University Medical Center, KazMunaiGas Service). Due to highly skilled employees no challenge is too large for us!

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