Heating system maintenance

  • USM Astana delivers a range of services for maintaining heating supply systems and units in working order. We perform all kinds of activities including routine, emergency and seasonal works

    Heat supply is one of the essential building systems requiring regular maintenance and professional approach.

    USM Astana draws up an individual schedule of activities at site for each customer relying on a customer’s configuration, category and deterioration of equipment. Along with this, our emergency service is available for customers 24/7.

    What types of heats plants do we accept for maintenance?

    We accept for maintenance any types of heating power plant, including gas and liquid fuel based heat supply systems.

    What are the main activities to maintain proper operation of the heat supply systems?

    • Monitoring of thermal conditions of the heat supply systems;
    • Control over energy consumption in accordance with established standards and targeted figures;
    • Relevant records keeping;
    • Regular maintenance and repair of heating power plant;

    - Maintenance operation:

    1) Regular dispatch control over compliance with operation parameters of the heating system during the technical operation of building;

    2) Control measures of the heating system associated with the technical operation of building;

    3) Adjustment of hydraulic automation of the heating system;

    4) Regular inspection of pipelines during the technical operation of a building heating system, removal of impurities, repair of faulty valves, latches and locking devices.

    - Ongoing repairs:

    1) Replacement of defective pipeline segments during maintenance of a building heating system;

    2) Repair or replacement of heat exchangers, stop valves, radiators;

    3) Replacement or repair of defective pumps;

    4) Hydrodynamic washing of the heating system, risers, radiators;

    5) Adjustment of the central heating system.

    What guarantees do our customers receive when entering into contract?

    Under the contract term, the USM Astana is liable for uninterrupted operation of heat supply systems upon acceptance of facility for maintenance.

    Bearing 100% responsibility for the quality of work done, we are committed to perform work so the final result will be excellent.

    Why is cooperation with the USM Astana beneficial for you?

    Our reputation and vast experience is proven by following major projects completed (projects of Nazarbayev University and its subsidiaries, clinics of the University Medical Center, KazMunaiGas Service).

    Due to highly skilled employees no challenge is too large for us!


    Maintenance of ventilation systems includes:

    1) Cleaning of internal and external parts of ventilation equipment;

    2) Regular testing and inspection of systems to ensure proper operation;

    3) Emergency repair including site visit;

    4) Applying automated request submission system;

    5) Preparation of a site and documentation for Health Inspection Service audit;

    6) Maintenance and ongoing ventilation repairs, including:

    Maintenance operation:

    - Adjustment of ventilation systems, control over compliance of ventilation system with specified parameters;

    - Control over vibration absence;

    - Elimination of gapping of air circuits in ventilation ducts, trunks and chambers.

    Ongoing repairs:

    - Washing pipelines and heat exchangers of the ventilation system;

    - Repair of faulty sections of a pipeline, replacement of defective suspension elements;

    - Repair/replacement of thermal insulation;

    - Replacement of packing glands;

    - Replacement of bearings;

    - Other types of activities.


     Maintenance of air conditioning systems includes:

    1) Cleaning of internal and external parts of the air conditioning system;

    2) Regular testing and checking the system to avoid any failure in operation;

    3) Measuring air temperature, currents and insulation resistance level;

    4) Emergency repair including site visit;

    4) Applying automated request submission system; 

    5) Preparation of a site and documentation for Health Inspection Service audit;

    6) Maintenance and ongoing ventilation repairs, including:

    Maintenance and ongoing repair of the system:

    Maintenance operation:

    - External checking to avoid any hydraulic parts damage of equipment;

    - Checking air conditioner ensuring operation according to a set mode;

    - Checking connection between indoor and outdoor units;

    - Checking drainage system of air conditioner;

    - Heat exchangers temperature control;

    - Inlet and exhaust air temperature control;

    - Keeping front panel clean;

    - Keeping frame clean;

    - Keeping filters clean;

    - Keeping heat exchangers clean;

    - Keeping fans clean;

    - Keeping drainage clean (system and base);

    - Vibration level control;

    - Measuring refrigerant overheating and overcooling, oil quality in compressor crankcase control.

    Ongoing repairs:

    - Replacement of the air conditioner parts: compressor, radiators, fans, pipeline where freon circulates;

    - Refueling or replacing freon.


    Maintenance of refrigerating equipment includes:

    1) Annual, seasonal and one-time maintenance of plants;

    2) Replacement/repair of expired parts;

    3) Scheduled maintenance work;

    4) Diagnosis of refrigerating equipment based on request;

    5) Emergency repair with site visit;

    4) Applying automated request submission system;

    5) Refrigerant amount control and its refueling if required;

    6) Drafting documents and records keeping;


    Maintenance of boiler equipment and other equipment

    Maintenance and ongoing repairs of boiler house equipment:

    - Maintenance:

    1) Checking all automation and dispatching devices;

    2) Checking instruments and controls;

    3) Checking and verification of main technological equipment;

    4) Chemical analysis of water from the water treatment system;

    5) Ensuring proper condition and operation of burner devices in different modes;

    6) Ensuring proper condition of boilers thrust; 

    7) Checking fuel pressure of burners;

    8) Checking fuel line;

    9) Elimination of emergent failures of devices and equipment;

    10) Maintaining cleanliness and order;

    11) Technical documentation record keeping.

    -Minor repairs:

    1) Checking and repair of lining;

    2) Replacement of defective sections of pipelines;

    3) Hydrodynamic wash and pressure testing of systems;


    Other services provided by Heat and Power Supply Service of USM Astana

    Maintenance ongoing repairs of sprinkler and deluge fire extinguishing systems;

    Maintenance and ongoing repairs of fire water supply system of fire hydrants (including fire hoses and trunks);

    Maintenance and ongoing repairs of fire dry pipes;

    Maintenance and ongoing repairs of the smoke removal system;

    Cleaning of dirt traps, filters, revision of insulated pipe stop valves (external heating networks).чистка и дезинфекция воздуха в системах вентиляции

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