About “USM Astana” Limited Liability Partnership

“USM Astana” Limited Liability Partnership (hereinafter Partnership), was established in July 2014

The single member of the Partnership is “University Service Management” private entity founded in August 2010 by the Autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University”.

Objectives of the Partnership are as follows: integrated service maintenance of buildings and surrounding area, maintenance of the infrastructure of the affiliated organizations along with big companies in Astana. 

The Partnership is among big employers with more than 800 employees.  Experienced and highly-qualified personnel jointly work on providing the following professional services:

  • regular maintenance of buildings and constructions;
  • maintenance of  engineering infrastructure, property, transport, technical and other means;
  • laundry and domestic services;
  • removal of domestic garbage and snow;
  • elevator maintenance service;
  • territory care and support services;
  • arrangement of other legal activities permitted by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Routine maintenance for buildings and facilities;
  • Repair and maintenance of engineering infrastructure, property, transport vehicles, hardware and software;
  • Laundry and other household services;
  • Solid municipal waste and snow removal;
  • Lift maintenance;
  • Improvement and maintenance of the territory;
  • Undertaking other activities in compliance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Total served area is more than 579,000 sq.m., surrounding served area is more than 674,000 sq.m.

Our clients
  • АОО «Назарбаев Университет»
  • Корпоративный фонд «University Medical Center»