Buildings and areas cleaning

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Buildings and areas cleaning

USM Astana offers complete territory cleaning maintenance. The following is a list of services we offer.

Nowadays most companies avoid engaging their employees in cleaning of buildings and surrounding area, since building and areas are parts of a company image. Therefore, this type of service requires different approach.

USM Astana offers a full range of cleaning services including all activities required to maintain cleanliness. For example, we provide day-to-day cleaning services of surrounding, seasonal fallen leaves, snow and garbage removal.  In addition, we will take care of green planting maintenance located within your company area.

There is a demand for cleaning services by most companies, shopping centers and other public places preferring not to engage own employees performing basic duties. Best solution would be cooperation with our company for services provided by competent professionals are more efficient and beneficial from financial perspective than cleaning using own resources.

We have all necessary equipment, tools and inventory for cleaning services. In addition, our employees have relevant skills and qualification. Let professionals take care of cleaning of buildings and areas!

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