Maintenance of the green areas.

  • USM Astana provides a full range of gardening services both seasonal and one-time. We offer the following garden maintenance services.

    Green planting maintenance is highly demanded by land owners, government agencies and representatives of residential urban complexes. Proper provision of the services allows maintain area clean and beautiful. The service covers a number of activities including:

    - Excavation (digging, flower gardening, digging holes for trees and shrubs, etc.);

    - Improving soil structure by applying fertilizers and regular feeding;

    - Trees and shrubs planting;

    - Annual and perennial flowers planting;

    - Lawns planting;

    - Lawns mowing;

    - Fruit trees and berry bushes pruning;

    - Sanitary pruning of trees and shrubs;

    - Plants watering;

    - Preventing plants from pests;

    - Disinfection and deratization;

    - Mulching to make plants even, thicken grass stand and reduce moisture evaporation;

    - Combing lawn;

    - Aeration of lawn and other activities to air soil layer;

    - Weed control;

    - Weed plant removal;

    - Trees whitewashing;

    - Plants and lawns treatment;

    - Sheltering heat-loving plants, lawns and young seedlings for winter time;

    - Removal of snow from the branches of trees to prevent their breakage in winter;

    - Large size garbage, fallen leaves and windfall disposal;

    - Making wash holes;

    - Garbage removal from site.

    Green planting should be managed by professionals with vast experience in providing such services, whereas companies providing range of related services would be best solution. USM Astana offers green planting services in Astana.

    Green planting services are provided applying the latest equipment to achieve the best result.

    Services prices can be found in the price list; however, the final cost of them will be determined individually upon visiting site by agrotechnician and estimation of all services and works scope.

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