Low current security systems

  • USM Astana performs a full range of activities related to design, installation and maintenance of low current security systems and automation systems of engineering equipment. A comprehensive approach enables us to develop optimal solutions.

    • Maintenance of automatic fire alarm system
    • Maintenance of automatic aerosol and gas fire extinguishing system
    • Maintenance of audio and voice notification system
    • Maintenance of video surveillance system
    • Maintenance of cable television system
    • Maintenance of intercall alarm system
    • Maintenance of security alarm system
    • Maintenance of internal telephone system
    •  Maintenance of clock system
    •  Maintenance of video door entry equipment
    •  Maintenance of the access control system

    Low current systems are various utility systems, all types of communication and automated systems of applying low current. Low current systems power specific devices improving human life conditions and assisting in solving certain issues.

    Today low current systems ensure optimal living conditions of people. Any modern building, whether it is a residential complex, office building or factory is a basis for information low current systems and low current control systems such as television, telephony, Internet, voice warning systems, dispatching, engineering equipment control and management, etc.

    Main types of low current systems are:

    • • Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)
    • • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • • Telephone networks
    • • Security and video surveillance systems
    • • Security and Fire Alarm (SFA)
    • • Automatic fire extinguishing systems (water, foam, gas, powder)
    • • Access control systems
    • • Systems of terrestrial, cable, satellite TV
    • • Door phones and video intercoms
    • • Systems of loud-speaking and dispatching communication
    • • Integration of individual systems (AWS, ACS, CCTV system, AGFS) into a single system

    USM Astana provides its customers with high quality low current systems in accordance with national standards (operation safety regulations, low current systems installation regulations, fire safety rules, automated systems maintenance rules, etc.), systems maintenance regulations.

    The company performs a full range of low current systems design, installation and maintenance activities. Integrated approach provides opportunities for developing optimal solutions taking into account each feature of activities and facilities, which significantly reduces costs.

    We also ensure low current systems services and operation of high quality. Only highly professional approach demonstrates perfect operability of local computer and telephone networks, 100 percent TV and radio reception, intercall alarm system, reliable operation of CCTV, security and fire alarm system.

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