Maintenance and repair of industrial refrigerators, laundry equipment and equipment for food units

  • We offer diagnostics and repair of specialized equipment in Astana.

    The USM ASTANA has Repair Service Unit created to ensure smooth operation of installed refrigerator and processing facilities.

    Choosing us you will get quick maintenance services rendered by experienced and qualified technicians.

    One of our main principles is diligent attitude to all clients, as this contributes to a successful and mutually beneficial collaborative work. Before solving a problem during repair work, the main thing for us is to identify the causes and nature of any malfunctions, to offer customers every possible way to eliminate it. As a result, customers can choose the most viable options for repair work.

    • Our clients:

    - Nazarbayev University (industrial cold rooms, household refrigerators, laundry industrial equipment)

    - Republican Diagnostic Center (ACC) (industrial cold rooms, household refrigerators for medical purposes)

    - National Research Center for Maternity and Childhood (NSCMD) (laundry industrial equipment, household refrigerators)

    - National Center for Children’s Rehabilitation (NCSD) (household and medical refrigerators)

    - National Scientific Center of Oncology and Transplantation (NSCOPT) (household and medical refrigerators, cold rooms, and morgues)

    • Our services:
    • Repair and maintenance of refrigeration facilities;
    • Repair of cold rooms;
    • Repair of commercial refrigeration facilities;
    • Repair of industrial cold rooms;
    • Repair of refrigerated display cases;
    • Repair of refrigerating chamber;
    • Repair of refrigeration equipment;
    • Repair of refrigeration units;
    • Repair of refrigerated counters;
    • Repair of refrigerating and freezing cabinets;
    • Repair of cooled tables;
    • Repair and monoblocks;
    • Repair of freezers;
    • Repair of refrigerating chambers for flowers;
    • Repair of refrigerating machines.
    • Repair and maintenance of laundry equipment.
    • Repair and maintenance of food units.

    Attention!!! The cost of repair is based on breakdown degree and cost of spare parts upon malfunction diagnosis by our employees.

    List of repair services of industrial refrigerators:

    • Refrigeration equipment reliability is based on quality of scheduled maintenance and competent service. Early servicing of industrial refrigerators guarantees its fail-free operation. Maintenance of industrial refrigerators includes:
      • Cleaning of heat exchange surfaces
      • Measurement of operating conditions
      • Operating conditions adjustment.
    • We repair refrigeration equipment of various brands. Repair of refrigeration equipment has two stages:

    Malfunction diagnosis of refrigeration equipment and repair.

    In accordance with preliminary schedule, maintenance of refrigeration equipment is carried out as planned preventive inspections and repair of refrigeration equipment upon detection of any malfunctions

    • Stages of refrigeration equipment maintenance:

    Preparatory work. Troubleshooting. Experts check compliance of operating conditions with instruction requirements;

    Technical inspection. External examination. Before repair, employees perform an external inspection, during which they check completeness, condition, mechanical damage, integrity defects of protective and paint coating, any corrosion available. Fastening degree of assembly units, joining degree, oil stains indicating loss of a refrigerant is checked thoroughly in particular.

    Testing tightness of refrigerant circuit. Applying a leak detector (small-sized or more sensitive halogen).

    Electrical circuits control. Employees check resistance of electrical insulation and stator windings, reliability of starting refrigerating equipment and level of power consumption of compressor, which shall comply with parameters according to the documents.

    Operational parameters testing. Prior to repair of units, we measure temperature and power consumption of equipment, back surface of refrigeration equipment with turned on compressor.

    Condensers cleaning. Operation of condensers and refrigeration shall be checked constantly. Maintenance depends on refrigerant type and operating modes of refrigeration system. Since only a company owner knows load level of cooling systems, a company owner shall first indicate frequency of maintenance. If necessary, the USM Astana employees can clean structural elements of refrigeration equipment and remove dirt that could cause a failure requiring repair;

    Fans operation testing. In case of malfunctions of refrigeration units’ fans, the units are checked to ensure proper circuit voltage and avoid any elements defects.
    In case of low or high refrigerant level, it should be adjusted.


    Clients have 2 types of contract:

    1. 1. Contract for regular maintenance.

    We provide regular scheduled services every 30 days or 2 times per quarter. This includes at least thirty positions of control, testing and diagnosis of technical condition; Condenser heat exchange surface cleaning;

    Sealing test of the refrigeration system, elimination of refrigerant leaks and, if necessary, system charging;

    Checking operation of electrical circuits, devices, lifting and cleaning of electrical connections;
    Adjustment of automation and protection devices;

    Testing operation and operating modes setting up if required.

    1. 2. Service contract upon customer’s request.

    Employees visit a customer’s site upon written request or call. Payment is made according to the company price list.

    Please contact us in any convenient way for you:

    USM Astana LLP
    53 Kabanbay batyr avenue
    Yessil district, Astana
    Nazarbayev University campus
    Tel.: +7 (7172) 70-61-29
    +7 (702) 911 14 46
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