Water supply and sewerage

  • USM Astana offers a wide range of services for design, installation, repair and maintenance of water supply and sewerage systems

    Maintenance and routine repairs of hot and cold water supply systems, water treatment:

    - Maintenance:

    1) Checking water pumps (cleaning and lubrication of bearings, checking mechanical seals, checking bolts tightening);

    2) Checking sodium cation filter; its tightness and operation;

    3) Checking bactericidal apparatus, its tightness and operation;

    4) Checking tanks, reservoirs, their tightness;

    5) Checking water supply networks (detection of leakage);

    6) Recording and documentation of water wastage;

    7) Checking manholes and hatch covers;

    8) Ensuring proper operation (or only in a workable) of equipment;

    9) Ensuring there is no extraneous noise, vibration during equipment operation.

    - Ongoing repairs:

    1) Complete or partial modification of water points;

    2) Changing input or output pipes;

    3) Complete or partial re-laying of individual sections of pipelines due to outbreaks, corrosion or pipe subsidence;

    4) Repair or replacement of valves;

    5) Repair of pumps with opening, disassembly of mechanical seal, replacement of stuffing seals, checking condition of impeller and shaft and their replacement if necessary;

    6) Pump centering;

    7) Ramming stuffing boxes, replacement of individual parts of the valves;

    8) Changing manholes and water wells covers;

    9) Repair of shackles, stairs, and water supply pipe wells;

    10) Elimination of leaks in water supply system;

    11) System testing (pressure molding). 

    Maintenance and routine repair of sewerage systems:

    - Maintenance:

    1) Ensuring proper condition and cleanliness of manholes, proper covering with hatch;

    2) Checking integrity of hatches;

    3) Checking necks, shackles and stairs;

    4) Checking degree of pipes filling; avoiding backwater (flooding), clogging and other defects visible from the ground surface;

    5) Avoiding blockages on road near wells area and in trays for drainage of industrial waste, from the pumping room, and checking drainage pits and grids;

    6) Checking internal sewage system (toilet facilities, bathrooms);

    - Ongoing repairs:

    1) Repair of parts with building defects or insufficient gradients;

    2) Re-laying necks;

    3) Complete redevelopment of wells.

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